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Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces, in Yellowstone National Park, were formed by rock fractures, heat and water, with shades of orange, pink and green created by living organisms in the water.

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  • Located in Mammoth Hot Springs, the step-like Terraces offer some incredible views of mineral formations.
  • Stroll along the Lower Terraces boardwalk or drive the Upper Terraces road.
  • Open and accessible year-round.

What can I see and do at Mammoth Hot Springs?

  • Walk the Lower Terraces: Follow a network of boardwalks through the Lower Terraces. Start at the 37 foot Liberty Cap at the north end and a side visit to Opal Terrace. Then follow the boardwalk to Palette Spring, Minerva Terrace, Cleopatra Terrace, Jupiter Terrace, Main Terrace, and Canary Spring.
  • Drive the Upper Terraces: Hop in your car (no RVs or trailers allowed) and drive the one-way road around the Upper Terraces, starting at the Lower Terrace Overlook. You'll pass features like Prospect, New Highland, White Elephant, and Angel Terraces, as well as Orange Spring Mound, and Bath Lake.
  • Hiking Trails: The popular Beaver Ponds Loop is 5 miles and starts at Liberty Cap. It takes about 2-3 hours to hike.
  • Cross Country Ski through the Upper Terraces: In the winter, you can rent a pair of cross country skis at the Bear Den and explore the terraces via the snow-covered Upper Terraces Loop.
  • Join a Ranger Program: Throughout the year, ranger programs offer insight into the geothermal features of Mammoth. Take an educational hike in the summer and a snowshoe tour in the winter.

Where is the Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace

Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace is located five miles from the north entrance, adjacent to the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Visitor Center on the Grand Loop Road. You can drive the Upper Terraces Area road or hike around the Lower Terraces.

When can I visit Mammoth Hot Springs?

Any time of year. The north entrance in Gardiner (the closest entrance to Mammoth) is open to vehicles year-round.