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Steamboat Geyser

Although entirely unpredictable, the world's tallest active geyser, Steamboat can erupt to more than 300 feet (90m).

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  • Get a chance to witness minor eruptions at Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone.
  • Hope to be there for one of the rare major eruptions with water spouting 300 feet high.
  • Check Cistern Spring for indications of an impending major eruption.
  • Easily accessed in Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park.

What can I do and see at Steamboat Geyser?

  • Minor Eruptions: Watch as Steamboat Geyser ejects water in bursts of 10 to 40 feet high.
  • Major Eruptions: Although entirely unpredictable, major eruptions can reach 300 feet. Intervals between major eruptions can span from 4 days to about fifty years! In recent years, Steamboat has had a few major eruptions. When visiting, you can see if a major eruption is imminent. Check the Cistern Spring nearby. It drains completely when Steamboat Geyser is having a major eruption.
  • Norris Geyser Basin: After a visit to the Norris Museum, follow the boardwalk trail all over Norris Geyser Basin. The Porcelain Basin is open and packed with features. The Back Basin is forested with features scattered about.
  • Ranger Program: Held twice a day in the summer, the World's Tallest Ranger Program explores the complex Steamboat Geyser. Ranger Program Schedule.

Where is Steamboat Geyser?

Yellowstone Steamboat Geyser is located in the Back Basin of Norris Geyser Basin. From the Norris Museum and Bookstore, follow the well marked boardwalk to Steamboat Geyser and beyond.