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Summer Itineraries (Active, Sightseeing, and Kid Friendly)

Indulge in these three suggested itineraries, based on your travel style. Our Stay Active Itinerary features hiking, biking, sea kayaking, and ziplining. Our Sightseeing Itinerary is great for seeing attractions and seeing all the natural highlights of Yellowstone. And last but not least, our Family Itinerary features great activities and adventures for kids.…
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Itinerary: A Weekend in Yellowstone (2 Days)

Oftentimes, it's hard for most of us to get away for more than a long weekend. So once we get somewhere like Yellowstone National Park, we need to kno…
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Itinerary: Family Vacation in Yellowstone (1 Week)

Geysers, hot springs, mountains, rivers and animals of all kinds make Yellowstone National Park a great place to bring the whole family for vacation. …
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Itinerary: Summer Vacation in Yellowstone (1 Week)

Yellowstone National Park holds a special place as America's first National Park, and it's abundance of hot springs and hydrothermal features, wildlife…
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Itinerary: Yellowstone on a Shoestring (1 Week)

One of the great things about National Parks, Yellowstone included, is that visiting them doesn't have to cost a lot of money. In fact, aside from par…
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Questions & Answers

The Grand Loop (198 mi) road travels between most major attractions in the park and is actually a figure eight. Plan on spending at least a day in each half of the Loop. The must-see attractions in Yellowstone are fairly evenly spaced around the loop with plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife on the drive in between. While you can see the highlights of the park in two days, spending more time will let you get off the beaten path and truly experience Yellowstone.

You should expect to pay at least $650 per person for a weeklong visit to Yellowstone. On average, a hotel room or cabin will cost at least $109 per night. Food prices vary depending on experience (dine-in will be more expensive than cafeteria style). You can plan on paying at least $32 per person each day on food and about $15 per person each day on sight-seeing expenses. Prefer camping? Great. Plan on spending a lot less.