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Mud Pots

Although the mud pots are not as picturesque as other hot springs and pools, these turbulent pools of hot, muddy water, and bizarre landscapes are another feature that makes Yellowstone National Park so unique.

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Where can I find Yellowstone Mud Pots?

There are two notable locations of mud pots in Yellowstone. The Artist Paint Pots are three miles south of Norris Geyser Basin and the Fountain Paint Pots are in the Lower Geyser Basin south of Madison and north of Old Faithful.

Artist Paint Pots
An often overlooked trail, the Artist Paint Pots are a great place to escape the crowds. Follow a trail (or possibly the smell) to a group of hot springs and bubbling mud pots up on a hill. Location: 4.5 miles south of Norris, access is via a 1 mile roundtrip trail.

Fountain Paint Pots
Follow a short boardwalk trail around the Fountain Paint Pots area and see other features including the Fountain and Morning Geysers. The boardwalk is located right next to Firehole Lake Road.