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Yellowstone National Park contains more than 75% of the world’s geysers, along with fascinating and colorful mud pots, hot springs and fumeroles, all within seven major basin areas.

Types of Geothermal Features

Geysers: The pressure reaches a certain point at which water and steam must release, often spraying into the sky at unimaginable heights. Popular park geysers:

Hot Springs: Heated water creates complex circulation within pools, creating the most colorful features in the park. Popular Hot Springs:

Fumeroles/Steam Vents: When a hot spring has more heat than water, the water evaporates before reaching the surface, creating a steam vent or fumerole. Fumeroles in Yellowstone:

  • Black Growler: This consistent steam vent averages temps of 199 to 280 degrees F.

Terraces: A landscape that resembles a cave turned inside out. Terraces in Yellowstone:

Geyser Basins

Yellowstone National Park geothermal features are popular the world over for their colorful mud pots, their spouting geysers and fascinating hot springs. Most Yellowstone Park geothermal features are located in the Geyser Basins such as:


Stay on the boardwalks when visiting the geothermal features. If you break through the thin crust, you risk injury and can disturb the fine ecological balance in the park.

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