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Boiling River

Located near Mammoth Hot Springs, the warm water of the Boiling River mixes with the cool waters of Gardner River to create an ideal area to soak and swim. It's accessible via an easy half mile trail.

What can I do and see at the Boiling River?

As one of the few places in Yellowstone where you can actually enjoy a swim in the warm water, the Boiling River is ideal for an afternoon soak.

  • Trailhead: Just north of the Montana border at the 45th Parallel Sign. Follow the dirt trail along the west bank of the Gardner River.
  • Distance: 1.25 miles round-trip.
  • Season: The pools and trail are closed in the spring due to high water levels. The pools are open from dawn to dusk.
  • Rules: Swimsuits Required.

Where is the Boiling River?

It's located along the Montana/Wyoming border near Mammoth Hot Springs. Look for the 45th Parallel sign and the turnout for the Boiling River Trail.

When is it accessible?

Any time between dawn and dusk except for in the spring. Check in at the Mammoth Visitor Center to make sure it's open.