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Mammoth Hot Springs Accessibility

Your trip won’t be complete to Mammoth Hot Springs without all the important information you’ll need. Find the locations of laundry, rest rooms, lodging, parking and scenic areas and more. Read More

Lodging - Available in the Aspen dormitory of the Mammoth Hotel during the winter season only.

Food Service - Terrace Grill and Dining Room (accessible through Terrace Grill entrance). There are no accessible rest rooms in the Dining Room, although rest rooms are available in the adjoining Terrace Grill.

Stores - Gift Shop in Mammoth Hotel.

Rest Rooms - Rest room building located just south and west of the Service Station and General Store buildings; Visitor Center (third floor acess via elevator at rear); Terrace Grill; and Hotel lobby.

Parking - Next to the Terrace Grill. On the west side and rear of the visitor center.

Visitor Center (Museum) - Access in rear with assistance. Press the call button marked at the top of the ramp for assistance.

Medical - Clinic (accessible in rear). No accessible rest rooms are available.

Scenic Areas near Mammoth:

Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces - A great deal of the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces can be seen from your vehicle as you drive the main road and the Terrace Loop Drive. Obtain interpretive brochure at the Albright Visitor Center. As you drive up to the Terrace Loop Drive from the bottom of the terraces, there is a pullout from which you can get a good view of Canary Springs.