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Kepler Cascades

Located only two miles south of Old Faithful, this three-step cascade drops water over 50 ft as the Firehole River flows North.

What can I see and do at Kepler Cascades?

Easily accessible just south of Old Faithful, you can park and follow a steep trail down to the base of the falls. The cascades drop a total of 150 feet with the largest single drop at 50 feet.

Just south of this turnout, park at the Lone Star Geyser Trailhead and either ride a bike or walk to the unique Lone Star Geyser.

Where are the Kepler Cascades?

The Kepler Cascades are located just 2.5 miles south of Old Faithful. Look for the turnout on the west side of the road.

When are the Kepler Cascades accessible?

While you can't drive to the Cascades in the winter, you can still see them. Rent a pair of cross country skis and stop by the Kepler Cascades before continuing on to Lone Star Geyser.