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Old Faithful Accessibility

Don't miss out on this fantastic sight. Many of the facilities at Old Faithful are accessible for persons with disabilities. Read More

Lodging - Eight specially designed lodging units are available in the Old Faithful Inn. The Inn is accessible from the rear without assistance and from the front with assistance. The Old Faithful Snow Lodge has one accessible cabin.

Food Service - Old Faithful Inn Dining Room, Lounge and Snack Shop; Old Faithful Lodge Cafeteria, Lounge, and Snack Bar; Four Seasons Snack Shop. No curb has been cut for the Four Seasons Snack Shop so assistance will be required to access the facility.

Stores - Upper and Lower Hamilton General Stores; Gift Shop in the Old Faithful Inn, and Old Faithful Lodge, Photo Shop.

Rest Rooms - Visitor Center, Old Faithful Inn (one unisex unit), Old Faithful Lodge (two unisex units).

Parking. Designated parking at the front and rear of the Old Faithful Inn, in front of the Old Faithful Lodge, in front of the Snowlodge, Lower and Upper Yellowstone General stores, and opposite the Photo Shop (for the Visitor Center).

Visitor Center - Best access is from accessible parking opposite Photo Shop.

Ranger Station - Building is fully accessible.

Medical - Clinic is fully accessible.

Shower - An accessible public shower exists in one of the unisex bathrooms at the Old Faithful Lodge.

Scenic Areas near Old Faithful:

Biscuit Basin (north of Old Faithful) - No curb cut, but no steps on the boardwalk.

Black Sand Basin (just north of Old Faithful) - No curb cut, but no steps on the boardwalk.

Firehole Lake Drive (between Old Faithful and Madison) - All thermal features are accessible.

Old Faithful Area (Upper Geyser Basin) - Old Faithful geyser is accessible from the Visitor Center. An accessible bike/pedestrian path leads from the Visitor Center 1.5 miles to Morning Glory Pool - 3 miles round trip. This path is also accessible from the Lower Hamilton General Store near Old Faithful Inn. Castle Geyser and Crested Pool are only 0.2 miles from this point. This access also reduces the round- trip distance to Morning Glory Pool to 2.4 miles.