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Old Faithful Area Day Hikes

Many wonderful trails await you for your hike in the Old Faithful area of Yellowstone. Go on a short stroll around Geyser Hill, or overlook the basin from Observation Point. For a longer hike head out to Fairy Falls.

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  • Geyser Hill Loop Trail is an easy 1.3 mile boardwalk trail starting at the Old Faithful Visitor Center.
  • Fairy Falls Trail is a 200 foot tall backcountry waterfall, 5 miles along an easy trail. Bike or Hike it.

After you’ve watched Old Faithful spout, check out other nearby geysers, hot springs and geothermal Park features.

Geyser Hill Loop Trail
Follow the boardwalk around Old Faithful and you'll find yourself on the easy Geyser Hill Loop Trail. You'll see the Anemone Geyser erupt every 5-10 minutes and you'll be lucky to see the unpredictable Beehive Geyser reach 100 feet!

  • Trailhead: Follow the boardwalk in front of Old Faithful
  • Distance: 1.3 mile loop
  • Difficulty: Easy

Observation Point Loop Trail
Overlooking Old Faithful from 160 feet above, it's no wonder how this trail got its name. This strenuous climb is short and sweet.

  • Trailhead: Firehole River footbridge behind Old Faithful Geyser
  • Distance: 1.1 mile loop
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Mallard Lake Trail
Follow the trail through burned forest and meadow before reaching Mallard Lake.

  • Trailhead: Southeast side of the Old Faithful Lodge cabins
  • Distance: 6.8 miles round-trip
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Lone Star Geyser Trail
This easy trail follows an old service road along the Firehole River. This is one of the few trails you can bike on and in the winter, many enjoy cross country skiing to Lone Star. The geyser erupts about every 3 hours, but check for times at the visitor center. 

  • Trailhead: 3.5 miles south of the Old Faithful area, just beyond Kepler Cascades parking area.
  • Distance: 5 miles round-trip
  • Difficulty: Easy

Black Sand Basin
Easily accessed by a 2 mile trail (open to hiking and biking) from Old Faithful, once you are at Black Sand Basin, enjoy a short .5 mile hike along a boardwalk.

  • Trailhead: North end of Old Faithful boardwalk
  • Distance: 0.5 miles (plus 2 miles from Old Faithful)
  • Difficulty: Easy

Mystic Falls Trail
Starting at Black Sand Basin, follow this trail through lodgepole pines and end at a 70 foot waterfall.

  • Trailhead: Back of the Biscuit Basin boardwalk
  • Distance: 2.4 miles round-trip
  • Difficultly: Moderate

Fairy Falls Trail
At 200 feet high, Fairy Falls is worth the trek. There are two trailheads that offer access to the falls. You can bike from the northern long route or just hike from the southern shorter route.

  • Trailheads: 1) Steel Bridge parking area 1 mile south of the Midway Geyser Basin and 2) Fountain Flat Drive parking area
  • Distance: 1) 5 miles round-trip or 2) 7 miles round-trip
  • Difficulty: Easy