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Old Faithful Lodge & Cabins

Often confused with the Old Faithful Inn and Snow Lodge, the Old Faithful Lodge is a one story lodge with two types of cabins available for rent. Book Online.

Where is the Old Faithful Lodge?

Located near the Old Faithful Inn, the Old Faithful Lodge offers convenient access to all Old Faithful attractions. GPS: 44.459350, -110.826400.

How can I make a reservation?

Reserve through Yellowstone National Park Lodges. Call: 307-344-7311 | Toll Free: 866-GEYSERLAND (439-7375). Or Book Online.

Tell me more about the Old Faithful Lodge.

  • Season: May 19 - October 1, 2017
  • Rates:
    Frontier Cabins: $151
    Budget Cabins: $91
  • Amenities: Two types of motel-style cabins are available. Frontier cabins are basic rooms with a private bath. Budget cabins share a conveniently located communal bathroom.
  • Historic Facts: In the early days, tent camps were provided by companies like Shaw and Powell Camping Company and Wylie Permanent Camping Company. These camps were erected throughout the park and offered shelter before hotels and lodges were built.  Both companies had facilities at Old Faithful. By 1917, auto traffic into the park was increasing, and it was decided that some camps could be eliminated. Yellowstone Park Camping Company emerged and operated on the old site of the Shaw and Powell camp, the present day site of the Lodge. In 1918, a laundry was built on the site and construction continued on the facility until 1928 when the Lodge reached its present configuration. 

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