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Bechler River

The Bechler River is most renown for its many waterfalls. The area is even called "Cascade Corner" due the the abundance of the falls. Take a hike along the Bechler River Trail and you can see 12 waterfalls along the trail with eight more withing easy bushwacking distance.

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What can I do and see along the Bechler River?

  • Hike the Bechler River Trail: The Bechler River Trail is one of the best backpacking trails in the park. If you only have a day you can easily follow it as an out-and-back trail (going to Bechler Falls makes for a nice shorter hike). It follows the Bechler River most of the way until it joins up with the Shoshone Lake Trail. If you hike the entire trail you're looking at 28 miles and a few overnights. It's best done by shuttling a car to the Lonestar Geyser Trailhead before driving out and around to this hard to reach corner of the park.
  • Fly Fishing: This is backcountry fishing at its best. Two access points are used to fish this river. From the Ashton-Flagg Ranch Road, turn onto Cave Falls Road. You can either drive to the end of the road and begin hiking from the Cave Falls Trailhead. The confluence of the Bechler and Falls River is just under a half mile upstream. Alternatively turn off of Cave Falls Road toward the Bechler Ranger Station and follow the Bechler Meadows Trail to the river (roughly 3.5 miles one-way). July and August are best, but many anglers continue fishing into September.
  • Camp: The Forest Service runs the Cave Falls Campground located just outside of the park. Open June-September.

Where is the Blechler River?

The Bechler River flows out of Yellowstone National Park in the far southwest corner of the park. There is a very short segment of road that enters the park here, via the Ashton-Flagg Ranch Road from the town of Ashton Idaho. This road dead ends at the Cave Falls Trailhead. The closest driving route from the heart of the park goes through the West Entrance and then south to Ashton. If you want to truly get to know the Bechler River, lace up your hiking boots and hit the trail.

When is the Bechler River accessible?

The Cave Falls Road is closed during the winter and the area around the river remains very swampy until July. The best time to fish, hike, and visit the river is in the late summer.