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Shoshone Lake

Shoshone Lake, the largest backcountry lake Yellowstone, is accessible via hiking trail, kayak, or canoe.

How do I get to Shoshone Lake?

Hiking Trails
There are three hiking routes that offer acces to Shoshone Lake:

  • Lone Star Geyser Trail: From Old Faithful, hike or bike to Lone Star Geyser. From here continue on the Shoshone Lake Trail over Grants Pass. The trail is just over 10 miles one-way and is best done as an overnight.
  • DeLacy Creek Trail: Providing the fastest access to the lake, DeLacy Creek Trail is 6 miles round-trip and relatively easy. Trailhead is 8.8 miles west of West Thumb.
  • Lewis River Trail: Park just north of Lewis Lake and follow the trail around the northern shore of the lake and then up the Lewis Channel to Shoshone Lake. Return the way you came or make a loop trail out of it and return on the Dogshead Loop Trail. 11 miles total.

Kayak or Canoe
Best done with a guide and as a multi-day adventure, you can kayak or canoe from Lewis Lake up the Lewis Channel to Shoshone Lake. You can usually stay in your boat until the current becomes too fast. At that point you can get out of your boat and line it the rest of the way. If you are bringing your own boat, make sure to obtain a permit before putting it in the water.

What can I do at Shoshone Lake once I'm there?

  • Camping: There are a number of backcountry camping sites around the lake. Make sure to obtain a backcountry camping permit before embarking on your trip.
  • Fishing: Fishing is great from the shore in June and July and in the depths of the lake later in the season.
  • Canoe or Kayak: If you aren't sick of your canoe or kayak by the time you reach Shoshone Lake, circumnavigate the lake to see all of its attributes.
  • Shoshone Geyser Basin: On the western edge of the lake, near the Howard Eaton Trail (from Lonestar Geyser), there is a 1 mile trail that meanders around the Shoshone Geyser Basin, chock full of geysers and hot springs. There is no boardwalk here so be careful where you step.

When is Shoshone Lake accessible?

While winter trails can be accessed via cross country skis from Old Faithful, it's a long haul. The suggested time for a visit is in the summer or early fall.

Who can I call with more questions?

You'll need a backcountry permit if you plan to camp at the lake. Contact the Old Faithful Visitor Center at 307-344-2751 or the West Thumb Information Desk at 307-344-2650.

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