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Lamar River

Located entirely within Yellowstone National Park, the Lamar River begins high in the Absaroka Mountains along the eastern edge of the park. It ends when it joins the Yellowstone River near the Tower-Roosevelt Junction. The Lamar River is known for great fishing and wildlife viewing.

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What can I see and do along the Lamar River?

  • Fishing: The best fishing is usually found right in the heart of Lamar Valley which makes access to the river extremely easy. The road follows the river pretty much the entire way.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Lamar Valley is home to the highest concentration of wildlife in the park. This is the area of the park where people come to view wolves, grizzlies, and so much more.
  • Camping: The closest campground to the Lamar River is the Slough Creek Campground. Camp here for great access to fishing (on Slough Creek and Lamar River).
  • Hiking: The Lamar River Trail runs 5.3 miles right through Lamar Valley. Trailhead: 4 miles east of Lamar Ranger Station.

Where is the Lamar River?

Beginning high in the Absaroka Beartooth Range, just north of (but not accessible from) the East Entrance, the Lamar River then flows north to the Lamar Valley along the Northeast Entrance Road. It is fed by Soda Butte Creek (which comes in from the northeast corner of the park) as well as Slough Creek, before it joins the Yellowstone River at the Tower-Roosevelt Junction.

When is it accessible?

The road between Mammoth Hot Springs and the Northeast Entrance of the park is open year-round, the Lamar Valley and River is also accessible year-round for viewing wildlife, but falls under special regulations for fishing access. See park fishing regulations for details.