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Tower-Roosevelt Visitor's Center

The closest visitor center to the Tower-Roosevelt area of the Park is 20 miles away at the Albright Visitor Center near Mammoth. However there are several interesting structures at this area of historic value.

Tower-Roosevelt offers a great place to take a break from the more crowded attractions in the Park. Tower Roosevelt is home to the Tower Soldier Station, one of the three surviving outposts from the era of United States Cavalry management of the park.

  • Location – Southeast from the North Entrance of the Park a distance of 23 miles, and/or 29 miles southwest of the Northeast Entrance.
  • Open - Usually late May to late September, weather permitting
  • Hours – The various facilities and services location in this area have varying hours. Most are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.
  • Services – Although there is no actual Visitor Center at this location, there is a store, service station, lodging facilities and several activities including hiking trails and horse and stagecoach rides.

The Tower-Roosevelt area is the gateway to the corridor of the Lamar Valley and Lamar River, one of the lesser traveled areas of the Park and one of the most beautiful valleys in the Park. The land is active with elk, bison, bear and wolves.