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Tower Fall

Just south of the Tower-Roosevelt area, Tower Fall plunges 132 feet along Tower Creek, just before its confluence with the Yellowstone River.

What can I see and do at Tower Fall?

  • Viewpoint and Picnic Area: From the grocery store and picnic area, take some time to photograph and enjoy the view of Tower Fall, which plunges 132 feet over a cliff. Tower Fall is located along Tower Creek, just before joining the Yellowstone River.
  • Tower Campground: Located just across the street from Tower Fall, the campground is available on a first come first serve basis.

Where is Tower Fall?

Tower Fall is easily accessible from the Tower-Roosevelt area. Just a few miles south of the Tower-Roosevelt Junction, the picnic area and viewpoint is located on the east side of the road. The campground is located on the west.

When is Tower Fall accessible?

While the road to Tower Fall from the Tower-Roosevelt Junction is closed to vehicles in the winter, you can cross country ski the six miles round trip to the waterfall. Some snowcoach tours offer access to the fall in the winter as well.