Yellowstone National Park Lakes, Rivers & Waterfalls


Although the geothermal features are the primary draw for visitors to Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone rivers, lakes and magnificent waterfalls certainly create an impression.

  • Bechler River: In the southwest corner of the park, this river has a number of small waterfalls and offers great backcountry access.
  • Firehole River: Known for great fishing and a fun swimming hole, the Firehole is located in the western stretches of the park.
  • Gallatin River: From the northwest corner of the park, the Gallatin flows north through the Gallatin Canyon and Big Sky Montana.
  • Gibbon Falls: Beautiful 80 foot falls that can be seen right from the road.
  • Heart Lake: This backcountry lake provides an idyllic destination for a multi-day hike.
  • Kepler Cascades: Often overlooked by nearby Old Faithful, don't miss this three-step cascade that falls 50 feet.
  • Lamar River: Superb fishing and a huge wildlife habitat in northeast Yellowstone.
  • Lewis Falls: 30 foot falls easily visible from the road.
  • Lewis Lake: Boating, kayaking, fishing, camping, and hiking are all activities you can enjoy at Lewis Lake.
  • Lewis River: Hiking trails and up river kayaking are probably the biggest draws to this river.
  • Lower Falls: Almost twice as high as Niagara Falls, don't miss a visit to the Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
  • Madison River: Flowing out the park's West Entrance, the Madison offers great fishing both within the park and in Madison Valley.
  • Moose Falls: Just a short jaunt off the South Entrance Road.
  • Mystic Falls: Follow the Mystic Falls Trail from Biscuit Basin to catch a glimpse of this 70-foot fall.
  • Shoshone Lake: This backcountry lake is the largest in the park. Hike or kayak in and stay the night at a backcountry campsite.
  • Undine Falls: This two-tiered waterfall is 110 feet tall and easily accessible from Mammoth Hot Springs.
  • Upper Falls: Although much smaller than Lower Falls, Upper Falls are an impressive piece of the Grand Canyon.
  • Yellowstone Lake: This huge lake is at the center of much park activity including boating, scenic cruises, lakeside geothermal features, trails, camping, and lodging.
  • Yellowstone River: Flowing all the way through Yellowstone, the Yellowstone River offers great fishing and is responsible for carving the Grand Canyon.

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