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Lewis Falls

Located just south of Lewis Lake along the Lewis River, Lewis Falls are easily viewable from the road.

What can I see and do at Lewis Falls?

  • Lewis Falls: There's not much more to do here than check out the spectacular 30 foot falls. You can get up close to the falls or view them from afar on the Lewis River Bridge. Make sure to bring your camera.
  • Fishing: The Lewis River is well known for brown and brook trout fishing. After checking out the falls, the river is easily accessible for fishing.
  • Lewis Lake Campground: Just a little ways up the road from Lewis Falls you'll find Lewis Lake Campground. There is also a picnic area and boat ramp here.

Where are Lewis Falls?

Located in the southern area of Yellowstone and roughly half way between the South Entrance and Grant Village, Lewis Falls are easily accessible from the South Entrance Road. You'll cross a bridge and the falls will be off to the west. You can't miss them if you are coming from the north. From the south, make sure to pull off after you cross the bridge and check them out.

When are Lewis Falls accessible?

The South Entrance Road is closed to vehicles in the winter, making the falls only accessible during the late spring, summer, and fall.