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Paradise Valley in Montana

Paradise Valley extends from the North Entrance of Yellowstone, at Gardiner Montana, to historic Livingston, Montana. Appropriately named, this region is its own little paradise, flanked by the Yellowstone River, steep mountain ranges, and a hot springs resort.

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Why should I drive through Paradise Valley?

With that type of name, who wouldn't want to drive through paradise?

  • Yellowstone River Fishing: Paradise Valley is home to some of the state's finest "blue-ribbon" fisheries. Stalk free-rising rainbows in crystal clear spring creeks while casting hoppers and salmonflies. The Yellowstone River and nearby spring creeks are ideal.
  • Chico Hot Springs: About halfway between Gardiner and Livingston, Chico Hot Springs offers lodging (for a wide range of budgets), two developed hot pools (day passes available), a fine dining restaurant, and a saloon (often with live music).
  • Hiking Trails: A number of hiking trails lead into the canyons of the Gallatin Range to the west and the Absaroka Range to the east. Pine Creek Falls is a great day hike or head out Big Creek Trail for more of a backcountry experience.
  • Livingston Montana: Once you reach Livingston, plan to explore its many boutiques and galleries downtown.

Where does Paradise Valley begin and end?

From south to north, Paradise Valley begins at the North Entrance to the park at Gardiner, Montana and ends at Livingston Montana.

How long does it take to drive?

This 54 mile drive takes about an hour.

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