Norris Geyser Basin to Old Faithful in Yellowstone

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Norris Geyser Basin to Old Faithful

Length: 30 mi.
Picnic Areas: 7
Hiking/Biking Trails: 6
Campgrounds 1

As you journey North from Old Faithful, don't ingnore the many other highlights in the area. Take the time to see the hot springs and geysers on the Firehole Lake Drive just eight miles north of Old Faithful. Visit the unique wonders in the Fountain Paint Pots area and observe the magnificence that is the Gibbson Falls. Whatever you choose, Yellowstone's varied ecosystem will ensure that you aren't diassapointed.

Features along the road to see (From South to North along the road):

Firehole Lake Drive - The turnoff onto the Firehole Lake Drive is only eight miles North of Old Faithful. Along this five mile one-way road, there are several geysers worth seeing. The largest is Great Fountain Geyser, which erupts every 8-12 hours, spraying water over 100 ft. in the air. Also worth noting is the White Dome Geyser and it's massive cone. The cone has been partially sealed off by mineral deposits, resulting in eruptions about 30 ft. high. The third geyser of renown is the Pink Cone Geyser. The road builders actually had to cut into the geyser's cone while building the road, so expect to be up close and personal with this geyser.

Fountain Paint Pot - One of the most popular features in the park, Fountain Paint Pot constains examples of every kind of Geothermal Activity. Marvel at the mud pools, admire the hot springs, and enjoy the show put on by six magnificent geysers.

Gibbon Falls - The 84 feet tall Gibbon Falls are relatively newly discovered. The remarkable cascade was hidden from view until the 1988 fire cleared the area. Have lunch at the picnic area below the falls and enjoy the view.

Artist Paint Pot Trail - The artist paint pot trail is a worthwhile and intriguing stroll along an easy .5 mile trail.

Elk Park - Across the road from the Artist Paint Pot trailhead is Elk Park, where you are likely to see a resident herd of Elk.