Canyon Village to Tower-Roosevelt in Yellowstone

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Canyon Village to Tower-Roosevelt

Length: 19 mi.
Picnic Areas: 2
Campgrounds: 1

The 19 mile stretch of road from Canyon Village to Tower-Roosevelt provides a tremendous view of the Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone. The canyon, while not nearly as vast or as steep as the Grand Canyon of Arizona, is spectacular in its own right. With the various terrain of rock and trees surrounded by the perpetual mist of the thermal vents and the river below.

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Features along the road to see (From South to North along the road):

Washburn Hot Springs Overlook - The Washburn Hot Springs Overlook affords you, on a clear day, views up to 100 miles south. The breathtaking scenery of Yellowstone Lake should not be missed.

Dun Raven Pass - As you approach and surmount Dun raven, make sure not to get too entrenched with your binoculars and the vast views from the 8,859 feet elevation. Keep your eyes out for the mountain sheep that thrive there. You should be able to see Mt Washburn from the pass. For those adventurous hikers, there are trailheads at both sides of the pass which will take you up to Mt. Washburn.

Calcite Springs Overlook - You will still notice remnants of the 1988 wildfire along this portion of the park road. The fire was especially damaging to this area of the park. However, note the re-growth and remarkable cycles of nature as you observe the saplings among the charred and burned trees. As you approach Tower Junction from the South you will hear the river raging 500 feet below. This part of the riverbed is the narrowest along this passage thus thrusting vast amounts of water hard and fast through the canyon.