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Tower-Roosevelt to Mammoth Hot Springs

Length: 18 mi
Picnic Areas: 1
Hiking/Biking Trails: 1

This stretch of the park road affords everyone access to the All Person's Fire Trail. This boardwalk is an easy stroll which allows visitors a first-hand chance to see the effects of the 1988 forest fire. If you're not in a hurry, make sure you take the 7 mile Blacktail Plateau Drive. This drive is often neglected by visitors, thus making it a little less crowded than other parts of the park. Apparently the wildlife tend to prefer the solitude as well. Keep you eyes open for wildlife around this area. For one more side attractions along this road, take the ½ mile dead end road which leaves you stairing at a tremendous petrified redwood tree. This tree is was covered by volcanic ash more than 50 million years ago and is still standing in the park for us to view.

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Features along the road to see (from West to East along the road):

All Person's Fire Trail - This flat, easy, boardwalk is one of the best ways to learn about the great Yellowstone Fire of 1988 and the effects it had on the park.

Blacktail Plateau Drive - A 7 mile long, one way dirt road scenic route, Blacktail Plateau Drive provides one of the best places in the park to see wildlife. most guests don't bother to visit the area, so you're likely to find a bit more peace and quiet here.

Petrified Tree - Take the Petrified Tree turnoff, and in half a mile you'll find yourself gazing at a relic from a prior age. The petrified tree is a massive redwood that was burned by volcanic ash more than 50 million years ago and left standing.