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Grand Tetons in Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park is an excellent addition for any traveler coming to Yellowstone National Park. Located just South of Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park is easily accessible and offers a wonderful contrast to Yellowstone's geothermal attractions.

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Why should I drive into Grand Teton National Park?

  • Jackson Hole Wyoming: The most direct access to Jackson, Wyoming from Yellowstone takes you right through Grand Teton National Park. Jackson is a popular summer and winter destination. Enjoy epic skiing and sleigh rides on the Elk Refuge in the winter and rafting, hiking, fishing, a weekly rodeo, and the town square in the summer.
  • Teton Mountain Range: The Teton mountain range began its uplifting about 6-9 million years ago when the earth's crust began to stretch and thin, causing the Teton Fault to move. When the elasticity of the earth's crust reached its limit, the Teton Fault broke, sending the western half upward, turning it into the Teton mountains, and the eastern half downward, turning it into the Jackson Hole Valley. Evidence that the tops of these mile-high peaks used to be part of the valley floor, exists in the form of a pink deposit of Flathead Sandstone on the summit of Mount Moran. The Teton Range towers over the valley in a way that is unlike anything in Yellowstone. You can follow hiking trails deep into the range's canyons or just admire the range from afar.
  • Snake River: The Snake River begins in southern Yellowstone and winds its way through Grand Teton National Park and then south of Jackson Wyoming. Fly fishing is world renowned here and families will love a scenic float through the park.

Where does the scenic drive through Grand Teton Park begin and end?

Just south of Yellowstone's South Entrance, the road enters the Rockefeller Memorial Parkway for about 7 miles before entering Grand Teton National Park. There are two routes that you can take through the park. The outer park road is faster and offers more expansive views. The inner park road is slower but lets you get a little closer to the mountains and is a must for visitors who want to go hiking. The Grand Teton scenic drive technically ends as it enters the National Elk Refuge just north of Jackson Wyoming.

How long does it take to drive through Grand Teton National Park?

The outer park road is 55 miles and takes about an hour to drive.