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Old Faithful to West Thumb & Grant Village

Length: 17 mi.
Picnic Areas: 3
Hiking/Biking Trails: 1

Along the route from Old Faithful to West Thumb and Grant Village are several highlights worth visiting. Take a five mile hike to see Lone Star Geyser shoot steaming water from its 12 foot cone. Stop and admire the incredible beauty of the Kepler Cascades, just a few steps from the parking lot. Feel free to investigate the bizarre mystery of Isa Lake. Visit one, two, or all three; you won't regret doing so.

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Features along the road to see (From West to East along the road):

Lone Star Geyser - Lone Star Geyser is a relatively regular geyser, erupting approximately every three hours. It's eruptions spray boiling hot water from its 12 foot cone 30 to 50 feet in the air.

Kepler Cascades - Only 2.5 miles southeast of Old Faithful, visiting the Kepler Cascades is an easy detour that is definately worth your time. The Cascades are a 150 foot high step waterfall on the Firehole River. Their close proximity to the road means that nobody should drive past without seeing their immense beauty.

Isa Lake - Isa Lake is one of the strangest and most intriguing places in Yellowstone. It's one of only a few lakes and rivers in North America that drains both to the East and to the West. Because of its location directly on the Continental Divide, some water must go to the Pacific Ocea, and some to the Gulf of Mexico. To further complicate matters, the drain on the East side of the lake ends up running West, while the West drain curves to the East.