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Canyon Area History

Though many of the original historic structures no longer stand at Canyon Village, the area holds quite a bit of history. Visit the Canyon Visitor Education Center or join a ranger led walk or talk to learn more about Canyon Village's history.

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Canyon Visitor Education Center
This visitor center features exhibits on nearby geothermal features and the legend of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. You can watch a film on the geology of the park, check out a huge relief of the geothermal features of the park, and so much more.

  • Location: It will be the first building you see on the right as you enter the Canyon Village Area, across from the Campground.
  • Season: May through mid-October
  • Hours: 9am-5pm
  • Phone: 307-344-2550

Canyon Village Ranger Programs
A number of the Canyon Village ranger programs incorporate a little of the area's history. Download Ranger Program Schedule.

  • Walking the Edge - Ranger Walk
  • Yellowstone Canyon Talk - Ranger Talk
  • Call of the Wild - Ranger Talk
  • Canyon Evening Program

Canyon Village History

  • The Canyon Hotel (no longer standing)
    There isn't much here any longer, but the old Canyon Hotel once stood 1 mile south of the Canyon Junction (where the horse corrals are today). It was one of the largest buildings around (1 mile in diameter).
  • The Old Canyon Lodge (no longer standing)
    You might see a few remnants of this old lodge in the meadows east of the Uncle Tom's parking lot.

Geological History
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone was formed roughly 10,000 years ago when glaciers melted after the last ice age. Since then, water and wind have sculpted the canyon to what it looks like today.

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