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Fishing Bridge

Fishing Bridge Yellowstone was named after the original bridge in 1902 that was a popular fishing spot in the park. Today Fishing Bridge is home to an RV Park, visitor center, store, and gas station.

What services and activities are available at Fishing Bridge?

  • Fishing Bridge RV Park
    Open generally from early May to late September, Fishing Bridge Campground is available to hard-sided trailers only.
  • Hiking Trails
    Just east of Fishing Bridge, follow the short 1.3 mile loop to Pelican Creek, a great trail for birding. For something a little longer, take the Howard Eaton trail along the Yellowstone River (7 miles out and back).
  • Fishing
    Funny enough, fishing isn't allowed near Fishing Bridge (although tons of fish flock to these waters and are a great sight from the bridge above). Either find a spot along Yellowstone Lake to fish or head further down the banks of Yellowstone River.
  • Fishing Bridge Museum and Visitor Center
    This historic landmark also hosts exhibits on the park's birds, wildlife, and geology.
  • Store and Gas Station
    This store offers groceries, a restaurant, souvenirs, camping & fishing gear. There is a gas and service station nearby.

Where is Fishing Bridge?

Fishing Bridge and its Visitor Center are located at the north end of Yellowstone Lake.

When is Fishing Bridge accessible?

You can drive to Fishing Bridge in the spring, summer, and fall. Roads to the lake are closed to vehicles (other than over snow coaches and snowmobiles) in the winter.