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Lake Village Accessibility

Check out all the information you need to know about Lake Village accessibility, such as food service, lodging, parking, rest rooms, laundry, scenic areas and a whole lot more. Read More


Lodging - Five specially designed lodging units are available in the Sandpiper Annex of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel. A wheelchair is available for assistance at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel.

Food Service - Lake Hotel Dining Room and Lounge, and *Lake Lodge Cafeteria.

Stores - Yellowstone General Store, Gift Shops in Lake Hotel and *Lake Lodge.

Rest Rooms - Outside Hamilton General Store, Lake Hotel and *Lake Lodge.

* No curb has been cut to access the Lake Lodge so assistance will be required.

Parking - In front of Sandpiper Annex of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel.

Medical - Clinic. No rest rooms are accessible for wheelchair users.

Post Office - Building is accessible.


Camping - Concession-operated recreational vehicle park with full hookups.

Food Service - Fountain Service in Yellowstone General Store.

Stores - Yellowstone General Store.

Rest Rooms - Yellowstone General Store and on the east side of the visitor center (museum) parking lot with assistance.

Parking - On east side of visitor center parking lot.

Visitor Center (Museum) - Center portion of museum is accessible.

Amphitheater - At Visitor Center.

Laundry - In Camper Services Building at entrance to RV Park. No curb is cut at this facility so assistance will be needed. No accessible rest rooms are available in this building.

Scenic Areas near Fishing Bridge:

LeHardy Rapids (between Canyon and Fishing Bridge) - The trail from the north parking lot is accessible and marked. No parking is designated.

Mud Volcano (between Canyon and Fishing Bridge) - Lower Loop is accessible, including spur to Dragons Mouth. Start at north end of the parking lot. At boardwalk junction beyond the Mud Volcano turn left and return to parking lot. Lower Rest Rooms are accessible.


Stores - Yellowstone General Store at the Marina is accessible from boat ramp area.

Rest Rooms - Campground (Loop A) and at picnic area on Marina entrance road.

Parking - At rest rooms only.

Amphitheater - Access with assistance via paved path from the north side. Park next to the rest room in "D" loop.