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Bighorn Mountains

In planning your Yellowstone vacation, you should not neglect putting a trip to the Bighorn Mountains on your itinerary, where you can experience the majestic peaks and scenic views.

  • Travel the scenic byways to see the breathtaking views in the Bighorn Mountains.
  • Enjoy outdoor recreation at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.
  • Once finished your trip through the Bighorn Mountains, you can follow an easy route to the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park, about a four-hour drive.


The Bighorn Mountains tower above the lands in northern Wyoming and southern Montana, forming a spur from the Rockies that extends 200 miles north on the Great Plains.

Seasons to Visit

July and August are the best times to visit the Bighorn Mountains if you want summer fun. The high trails are otherwise usually covered with snow. The US 14 route through the mountains is open all year.

More Info

Travel east of Yellowstone to find the majestic Bighorn Mountains. Perhaps they aren’t as rugged as other Wyoming ranges, but many of the peaks rise to over 9,000 feet. Cloud Peak is the highest, at 13,175 feet.

When visiting the Bighorn Mountains, you can stop at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, including Bighorn Lake, for a number of outdoor recreation activities.

Outdoor enthusiasts love the recreation here, such as hiking to remote areas, horseback riding and fly-fishing.

The three highways that pass through the Bighorn Mountains are so beautiful and unique that they have been designated Scenic Byways.

The first white men to come into the Bighorns were the fur trappers. Before that, Native American tribes crossed them in search of food.

Getting Here

To reach Yellowstone from the Bighorn Mountains, you simply savor the trip through the mountainous regions then proceed on US Route 14, Alternate 14 or 16 straight to Yellowstone Park’s east entrance. Highways 14 and Alternate 14 are a more direct route.