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Gardiner & Paradise Valley

Vacation Ideas at Yellowstone's north gateway entrance

Thanks to speedy road re-building operations this summer and fall of 2022, vehicles can once again connect to Mammoth Hot Springs at Yellowstone's north entrance via way of Gardiner, Montana.

This thriving community caters to hundreds of thousands of guests each year, in all seasons, with summer offering exciting Yellowstone River rafting, horse trail rides, trophy fishing, abundant wildlife right in town and local hillsides, numerous hikes, lots of family & group dining options, a wide-array of accommodation styles, plenty of personal services, dozens of retail stores, and nightlife. In winter months, come see migrating bison, elk, bighorn sheep, whitetail & mule deer, mountain goats and other mammals as they move to lower elevations (all around Gardiner) to forage for food, while also being cognizant of the many wolf packs that follow their prey into these open plains and snowy meadows.