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Mount Washburn

Located equidistant between Tower-Roosevelt and Canyon Village, Mount Washburn is 10,243 feet and easy to access.

Where is Mount Washburn?

Mount Washburn is easily accessible along the upper loop road, between Tower-Roosevelt and Canyon Village.

How do I get there?

There are two routes that offer access to the top of Mount Washburn:

  • Chittenden Road Parking Area (north trailhead): 8.7 miles south of Tower Junction, the Chittenden Road is a spur road offering access to Mount Washburn. From the parking area at the end of this road, you can hike or bike the 3.2 mile round-trip route to the top of Mount Washburn.
  • Dunraven Pass Parking Area (south trailhead): 13.6 miles south of Tower Junction, the 5 mile round-trip trail to the top of Mount Washburn is for hikers only.
  • One-way: Run a shuttle if you want to hike one-way. Drop a car at the end of Chittenden Road and then hike from Dunraven Pass to the top of Mount Washburn and down to your shuttled car.

When is it accessible?

The road between Tower-Roosevelt and Canyon Village is open from late May to early October. Access to Mount Washburn is limited to the summer months only.

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