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Madison Mountain Range

Located northwest of Yellowstone, the Madison Mountain Range is flanked by the Gallatin River on the east and the Madison River on the west. The mountains rise up just north of West Yellowstone and peter out just southwest of Bozeman.

What can I do and see in the Madison Range?

  • Big Sky
    Big Sky Resort is located smack dab in the middle of the Madison Range. You can access Big Sky via the Gallatin River Canyon and US 191. The resort is known for the Biggest Skiing in America in the winter and fantastic hiking and biking trails in the summer. Don’t miss a zip line ride.
  • Fishing
    Fishing is superb along both the Gallatin River and the Madison River. Your best bet for experiencing it all is to drive a loop around the mountain range and fish along the way.
  • Hiking
    You can hike into the Madison Range from both sides, via the Gallatin River Canyon or the Madison River Valley. The easiest access to Madison Range hiking trails is from Big Sky. Try a hike into Beehive Basin.
  • Hebgen and Quake Lakes
    Along the southern edge of the range, Hebgen and Quake Lakes offer a unique selection of recreation. Hebgen Lake offers great boating, fishing, and camping. Stop by the visitor center at Quake Lake and fish, kayak, or camp along its shores.

Where is the Madison Mountain Range?

The Madison Mountain Range runs south to north from West Yellowstone to Bozeman. It is bordered by the Gallatin River Canyon on the east and the Madison River Valley on the west.

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