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Absaroka Mountain Range

Forming the northeast mountains of Yellowstone National Park, the Absaroka Range is expansive. Pronounced ab-soar-ka, the range is often mispronounced even by locals.

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What can I do and see in the Absaroka Range?

While most of the Absaroka Range is too remote to ever become busy, some of the range is easier to access.

  • Cooke City
    Drive into Cooke City and you’ll understand the true meaning of mountain town. Towering canyon walls shade this small town and provide easy access into the Absaroka’s.
  • North Fork Highway
    Head east from Lake Village towards Cody Wyoming and drive right through the Absaroka Range. A handful of hiking trails are easily accessible from the road.

Where is the Absaroka Mountain Range?

The Absaroka Mountains span from Livingston Montana and trend southeast, bordered by the Yellowstone River on the west and the Boulder River on the east. In Yellowstone, they are flanked by the Beartooth Mountains to the east and the Yellowstone Plateau on the. The range continues south through Yellowstone, bordering Yellowstone Lake, until it abuts the Wind River Range near Dubois.

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