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Cody Wyoming Activities

It's a wonderful adventure in Cody, Wyoming. The fly-fishing provides some excitement, trying to reel in that trophy catch, and the river rafting letting you relax as you drift down the magnificent flow of river. Cody offers the best in summer activities for any western vacation.

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Cody, Wyoming offers the traveler some great outdoor fun, with the surrounding national forests and parks creating the natural landscapes for adventure. You have endless opportunities to take part in unparalleled excitement. It's the Old West, and a place of wonder at any time of year.

River rafting is always a favorite, as you float along forested shores. Wildlife will peek from the brush and trees, as fascinated by you as you are by them. Trail exploration is just as much fun, either on foot or on horseback. Pack trips can be scheduled to take you far into the wilderness. And there is always the pleasure of touring Yellowstone National Park, with the geysers heralding your approach with giant sprays of water into the sky. Throw in a line to any river or stream and you are almost certain to pull out a rainbow or brown trout. Fly-fishing in Cody, Wyoming can't be beat.