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Hours & Seasons

Yellowstone National Park changes seasonally. Warm summer days are perfect for hiking and fishing, while a winter blanket of snow provides the perfect backdrop for snowmobiling and snow coach rides. Plan ahead and know what to expect when you come to Yellowstone.

What are the typical seasons and road closures in Yellowstone?

While the park is "open" year-round, access is limited in the fall, winter, and spring.

  • Always Open: No matter what time of year, you can always access the park via the North as the road between the North Entrance at Gardiner, through Mammoth Hot Springs, to the Northeast Entrance at Cooke City is open year-round (note that the road is closed east of Cooke City between mid-October and late-May).
  • Spring 2014: Weather permitting, roads will slowly open to vehicles on the following schedule:
    • April 18: West Entrance opens and roads open to Norris, Madison, Canyon, & Old Faithful.
    • May 2: Road opens between Canyon, Fishing Bridge, and the East Entrance.
    • May 9: South Entrance opens and roads open to Grant, West Thumb, Fishing Bridge, Lake, and Old Faithful. Road also opens from Tower Junction to Tower Fall. Road opens from Cooke City over Colter Pass to the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway.
    • May 23: Road opens over Dunraven Pass (Tower to Canyon). Beartooth Highway opens between Cooke City and Red Lodge, Montana.
    • Fall 2014: The Beartooth Highway (east of Cooke City) and Dunraven Pass (between Tower Junction and Canyon) close on October 14th. On November 3rd, ALL park roads close (with exception of the road between the North Entrance and the Northeast Entrance.
    • Winter 2013/2014: This is the season for snowmobiling and snowcoach tours. Snow permitting, groomed roads are open to snowmobile and snowcoach travel from December 15th through March 15th (Dec 22-Mar 1 for the East Entrance). The only road open to vehicles is between the North Entrance and Northeast Entrance.
    Spring is a great time to explore some of the park roads via bicycle.
  • Summer: All park roads are open. On occasion, road construction can cause delays. Check the Road Construction Map.

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When are the Visitor Centers open?

  • Albright Visitor Center: Open daily all year. 307-344-2263.
  • Canyon Visitor Education Center: Open daily from April 18th-Oct 14th. 307-344-2550.
  • Old Faithful Visitor Center: Open daily from April 18th to Nov 2nd. 307-344-2750. 
  • Fishing Bridge Visitor Center: Open daily from May 24th to September 30th. 307-344-2450. 
  • Grant Visitor Center: Open daily from May 24th to September 30th. 307-344-2650.
  • Junior Ranger Station (at the Madison Information Station): Open daily from May 24th to September 1st. 307-344-2821.
  • Madison Information Station: Open daily from May 24th to Sept 30th. 307-344-2821.
  • Norris Geyser Basin Museum & Information Station: Open daily from May 24th to Sept 30th. 307-344-2812.
  • West Thumb Information Station: Open daily from May 24th to September 30th. 307-344-2650. 
  • West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center: Open daily from May 1st to September 30th. Weekdays only from October 1st through April 30th. 307-344-2876. 

When are Park Campgrounds and Lodges open?

While Mammoth Campground is open year-round, all other remaining campgrounds are only open in the summer months from either May or June through September or October. See the complete list of Park Campgrounds.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel are the only two lodges open during the winter season (mid-December to early-March). All lodges are open during the summer season (May/June through Sept/Oct depending on the lodge. See the complete list of Park Lodges.

What if I have more questions?

Give the park a call:

  • Phone (Information): 307-344-7381
  • Phone (Camping & Lodging Reservations): 1-866-GEYSERLAND

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